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2024 Annual Report

In 2021, One Mind at Work, Columbia University’s Mental Health + Work Design Lab, and Ethisphere partnered to develop the Mental Health at Work Index™. The Index is a self-assessment of organizational-level initiatives that enables employers to measure their mental health initiatives, prioritize areas for improvement, and strategically invest in evidence-based practices for improved outcomes.

We are pleased to share our Inaugural Annual Report with you. During the Index’s launch year, 46 organizations across the globe completed the Mental Health at Work Index self-assessment. Collectively, these organizations represent more than 2 million workers. Participants come from private, public, not-for-profit, and education/research sectors and range in size (<100 employees to 50,000+) and annual revenue (<$2M to >$20B).

Results show that mental health strategy is key, but the vast majority of organizations do not have one. Those that do have stronger programs overall.

Index findings show that mature workforce mental health programs are linked with positive employer reputation.

The 2024 annual report explores how your organization can be more strategic, get out in front of mental health issues, and invest wisely in programs that get results.

“Do not think you need to wait to take the Mental Health at Work Index assessment until your plan is in place. Our results guided our efforts and created focus in an overwhelming space.”

Sondra Davis

Chief Human Resources Officer,
North Mississippi Health Services

 Read more about North Mississippi Health Services’ journey here.

Photo of Sondra Davis

Onward and Upward. Together.

As more organizations complete the Index, we will better understand the landscape of efforts across the globe, refine benchmarks for best practice programs, highlight areas of need, and drive the continued movement toward more effective practices.

Find out how the Mental Health at Work Index can help you measure and improve your workforce mental health program.

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Columbia University Mental Health + Work - Mental Health at Work Index partner
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Ethisphere - Mental Health at Work Index partner

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