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Mental Health at Work should
no longer be guesswork.

It’s time to measure what matters.

It’s time for data-driven improvement.

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Mental health is a critical issue for organizations and workers alike.

Employers are increasingly aware of the costs, both social and economic, related to poor mental health at work and the benefits of promoting psychological well-being. Organizations are facing more pressure than ever to provide effective resources to support their workers. The increasing focus on Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Belonging has accelerated this need. Despite the recent proliferation of mental health offerings, independent data do not exist to provide scientifically supported decision making for workforce mental health programs.

Working-age adults who have a mental health condition
(Source: WHO, 2021)
Workers who report experiencing negative mental health impacts related to work stress
(Source: APA, 2021)
Annual cost to the global economy due to untreated mental health conditions
(Source: Chisholm et al, 2016)
Employees who believe that actions from their employer would help their mental health
(Source: APA, 2021)
Introducing the

Mental Health at Work Index

The Mental Health at Work Index is built on a comprehensive framework:


Evidence-based, data-driven approach to measuring an organization’s mental health programs

Benchmark Scores

Generates immediately usable data, including your organization’s maturity score, a target score, a benchmark score, and a red flag score


Provides immediate data-driven guidance for strategic organizational improvement

Advice Library

Uses algorithms to provide you with recommendations and resources – and prioritizes where to start

Key Business Performance Indicators

Compares key business indicators to the maturity of your organization’s mental health services and programs

Expert Consultation

Optional expert consultation is available to help organizations translate findings and recommendations into action


The 3 Ps

Spanning Protection, Promotion, and Provision of care, the 3 Ps Framework for Mental Health at Work is a comprehensive approach that assesses the full continuum of an organization’s workforce mental health programs and services.


Protect mental health by eliminating psychosocial hazards and minimizing risks that can negatively affect workers’ mental health & psychological well-being


Promote mental health by developing the positive aspects of work as well as worker strenghts and positive capacities


Provide access to information, resources, and services; take corrective organizational action to address workplace mental health needs regardless of cause

The Ten Categories

The Mental Health at Work Index provides a data-driven assessment and generates strategic guidance for improvement in 10 key organizational categories that are foundational and closely linked to workforce mental health.
  1. Mental Health Strategy
  2. Leadership
  3. Organizational Culture and Impact
  4. Workforce Involvement and Engagement
  5. Work Design and Environment
  1. Communication
  2. Training Specific to Mental Health
  3. Mental Health Resources and Benefits
  4. Related Employment Practices
  5. Measuring, Monitoring, and Reporting

Improving your Workforce Mental Health Efforts is good for your people and good for business.

Using the Mental Health at Work Index:

Engagement Options

The Index offers different levels of engagement, all designed to help you measure and improve your workforce mental health program.

Mental Health at Work Index Measure & Improve Program Levels of Engagement
Self-Assessment with Expert ConsultationIndependent Evaluation & Rapid Improvement Program
Assessment that measures the maturity of your mental health programs and servicescheck markcheck mark
Auto-generated report with benchmarks that allow organizations to compare themselves with others around the world check markcheck mark
Access to algorithm-driven advice library that provides recommendations and resources check markcheck mark
Expert Review Consultation check markcheck mark
Summary Report from Expert Consultation with Guidance on Prioritizing Improvements check markcheck mark
Expert evaluation through interview and documentation review generating an independent maturity score check mark
Organizational Risk Assessmentcheck mark
Custom Priority Action Roadmap to Improvement check mark
Rapid Improvement Workshop check mark
12-month Advisory Support check mark

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The Index was developed by experts at The Mental Health + Work Design Lab at Columbia University, One Mind, and Ethisphere.

Founding Corporate Council Members

The Founding Corporate Council members of the Mental Health at Work Index have supported the development of the Index by not only making a financial investment, but also by investing their time and sharing their knowledge. These members are global champions committed to making a difference in workforce mental health.
AXA - Mental Health at Work Index Corporate Council Member
AON - Mental Health at Work Index Corporate Council Member
Bank of America - Mental Health at Work Index Corporate Council Member
Business Group on Health - Mental Health at Work Index Corporate Council Member
HCA Healthcare Mental Health Index
Jardines - Mental Health at Work Index Corporate Council Member
Mindset - Mental Health at Work Index Corporate Council Member
Lifeworks - Mental Health at Work Index Corporate Council Member
Prudential - Mental Health at Work Index Corporate Council Member
URAC - Mental Health at Work Index Corporate Council Member

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